Photo & Thoughts Dump from Arrival and Day 1


It’s been a helluva day, let me tell you that first. And I’m jet-lagged and oh-so-tired.

After a pretty uneventful (but uncomfortable) two flights the USAC people picked us (kids from the group flight who so far are amazing and nice people) and dropped us off at our apartments where we then lugged our bags up four or five flights of winding stairs.

I was thanking God I had repacked into a smaller bag.

The apartment is so cute. It’s a bit odd in some ways (my room used to be a living room so there’s no closet, just a ton of book shelves (9 to be exact) and the shower is in a room with only a sink and washer).

The other thing is that the keys are weirdly (and embarassingly) hard to work. There’s a gate, two doors and then the front door. We timed it yesterday and my roommate Jackie said it took 10 minutes to get from the gate to our room.

After unpacking we went to Wenceslas Square and then the bar downstairs where I had my first ever beer.

It was disgusting. Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have chosen the bitter one.

So far the language barrier isn’t bad at all! I for sure need to learn a few things (“excuse me” and “I’m sorry” to start). The only incident I’ve come across was a cashier at a store who seemed very impatient with me and my new credit card (understandable) it was just scary to not know what he was angrily saying.

We ended yesterday by meeting the entire USAC group, having dinner (here they just automatically give you a beer when you sit down), and walking around Old Town.

Then my day started at 7:30 this morning when I got up for class. I’m taking travel photography for one-credit and a art and architecture class for three credits. Travel photography came first, and I struggled so hard to stay awake.

We then had a general orientation before having lunch and then going back to class.

Spoiler alert: I could barely stay awake for that class either. But it’s okay because everyone else was falling asleep also.

The USAC people took groups to TESCO but I passed on that so I could return and nap, because boy do I need it.

Jet-lag is a bitch.

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