In December 2016 I applied to spend two weeks in Europe with the director of the Honors Program. I had it all planned out and was so excited to start studying abroad, especially because I didn’t think I would study abroad after my first year at college. I was going to take a two week trip and travel with a bunch of friends and have my professor as a guide for my first time traveling solo international.

And then was rejected. And it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Instead, I applied for and was accepted to study in Prague for five weeks with USAC.

My name is Mackenzie. I just finished my freshman year at Central Michigan University and I am a photojournalist.

Welcome to my blog…

…Okay, I say blog because it rhymes with Prague, and I do plan to blog, but mainly this will be a photo-blog. Which is even better!

Dobrý den!