In a desperate scramble to check the last things off our Prague Bucket List Emileigh, Megan and I set out in Friday.

First we hit up a store that sells some cheaper spray paint to go to the Lennon wall. On our way back to the metro from the shop we stopped to watch a film crew hoping that maybe we’d see Tom Felton just because he is in Prague and filming.

The movie filming ended up being Ophelia: the movie Tom Felton is in.

While we didn’t see him, we are fairly certain we saw Daisy Ridley. Nbd.

Our small fangirl moment passing, we headed to the wall to tag. There were quite a few tourists there taking pics but it was still manageable to find a spot to tag.

54722F44-D129-41B9-9DDF-D0840E7F076FI tagged the words “Could Should Would Did.” because I feel like that reflects how I came to study abroad. Right now I am in the “Did” and I like life a lot better here so I’m going to use my tag as a reminder of all the amazing things that can happen when you just do what you should/could/would do. No excuses.

Emileigh and I also tagged a quick “Fire Up” because had to give a shout out to Central at some point.



From there we went and walked around the Lesser Quarter and got lunch there. I went for Forrest fruit filled pancakes which were delicious but I also wish I had had the foresight to put my drink and food better (Kingswood and crepes was a bit odd).

The three of us then headed to Andel for a cider festival. It was right along the Vltava River and we paid 50 koronas to get in. There were a couple dozen vendors all with different types of cider and some food vendors (which was not included in the entrance fee but worth it nonetheless). My favorite cider was either the Strawberry-Lime that Megan got or my Ginger Pear Cider.

Our time at the festival was limited because Megan and I had to be back for a dinner at Pivovarskey Klub that was a sort of field tour orientation.

Later, after dinner, we had our last hurrah and a majority of the USAC students hit up Lucerna. While I didn’t drink nearly as much as last time (Saturday morning we had to meet at the bus at 8 am) it was still an amazing time and I didn’t want to leave.

See the pictures from today here.


This Friday was the first Friday this whole trip where we didn’t have a field tour. Of course, we couldn’t sit in K17 like we always do. So we (meaning me, Megan, Brooke, and Emileigh) paired of into teams and we made a scavenger hunt for the other team. Emileigh and I were on the same team (Team Viper (I think… it was some type of snake).

Here’s the list we made for Team Hawk:

  1. Take pictures of either letters on signs or objects that resemble letters to spell out everyone’s favorite word: covfefe. 3 points.
  2. Visit the Riegrovy Sady beer garden (opens at 12 but if for some reason it is not open, go to a restaurant nearby instead) and get something to drink (here’s an opportunity to get lunch if you want…). Make sure you take a photo of the closed store if it is closed. 3 points.
  3. Visit the swan pond (in Mala Strana near Charles Bridge) and record Megan imitating the photography teacher (Megan will know what to say 😉 5 points. 2 Bonus Points if you feed the birds.
  4. Find the grave of Dvorak at Vysherad. 5 points. 2 Bonus points if you also take a picture of the weirdest name on a gravestone.
  5. You must ride the yellow line from terminating end to terminating end. It officially starts at Zlicin (you can of course take the metro to get there, but it doesn’t start until you begin coming from zlicin). You must ride it all the way to Cerny Most. However, when you reach Namesti Republiky, you must get off and walk to Florenc and continue to ride the metro all the way to cerny most. Take a picture at Cerny Most and Zlicin. 5 points.
  6. At Troja chateau, copy three different statue poses and take a picture at each (you each need to choose 3 for a total of six photos (and no repeating statues!)). Here’s a hint: go to the zoo. 5 points. 3 Bonus points if you get a stranger to pose as a statue in one of your photos (limit is one photo, so you can only get 3 points).
  7. Visit the Second Street Boutique (Jugoslavska 651/25) and you each pick out a crazy outfit for the other to try on. Take photos. If it is not open for some reason, go to Textile House behind Narodni Trida (by Kafka statue). Make sure you take a photo of the closed store if it is closed. 5 points.
  8. Sing America the Beautiful outside of the American Embassy. Make sure to film it. ‘Murica. 5 points.
  9. Have Brooke pretend to be a street performer in Old Town Square and Megan needs to record it. Don’t forget to set something out to collect tips in! 7 points. 2 Bonus points if you get some change.

There was also a number 10 but I have decided to leave that off to preserve the mystery (it was inappropriate).

Emileigh and I got our own list and off we went. I’ll be the first to admit, there was no fire lit below our butts. We were quite slow and made about four stops for food.

Naturally, the rules of the scavenger hunt dictated that you had to take pictures of everything. So we did.

Sadly, I will not post the videos of me Nae Nae-ing in front of three horse statues because I do not want that on my YouTube. What. A. Shame.

It was very, very hot so after doing as much of the list as we could, we headed back to K17, hoping to beat Brooke and Megan and to win the extra point.

We beat them by about an hour!

After the points were tallied up we came out victorious! By one point: 45-44!

That meant we didn’t have to dance first at Lucerna that night. Yes, Brooke and Megan had to get out on the semi-empty floor at Lucerna and liven the place up.

Between Brooke and Megan twriling each other on the dance floor to how many ABBA songs they played, the drinks, and this dude dressed as a fox(?) the night was pretty great.


One thing I love about Czechs… I love their love of ABBA.

We went to the club last night (May 26) and ABBA was played twice, and that was before they had even gotten to the top hits!

Lucerna is a popular club in Prague that does a 80s and 90s night. They project the original music videos onto a massive screen as well. They played a lot of songs I knew and quite a few I didn’t, but nothing got me quite as excited as ABBA (they played Voulez Vous and Super Trouper).

It was my first experience in a club that popular and I have a feeling many will not add up! There were many interesting characters there from all over the world. Plus, they had great drinks! Add mojitos and tequila sunrises to the list of drinks I approve of!