Field Tour Day 1

We left on our bus at 7 am to Dívčí Kámen, which is the ruins of a medieval castle. This was still in the Czech Republic, and was on the way to Česky Krumlov. It was a three hour drive there and then we hiked to the ruins which was about a half hour. When we got to the bottom of the small hill the ruins sat upon some of us broke off to use the restrooms (read “porta-potty”… singular). By the time I had gotten up to the ruins with the rest of the group we were going to leave in ten minutes therefore I didn’t get to explore much. It was still beautiful though and the hike wasn’t too hard so it was worth going to.

We then rode the bus another ten minutes or so to Česky Krumlov which is a medieval town. There was a festival going on: the Celebration of the Five Petaled Rose. The five petaled rose is the symbol of the Rosenberg family and the festival was celebrating their reign in Bohemia.

The festival which took over the whole small city was much like a renaissance festival back home. We had about three free hours so Megan and I walked around exploring before meeting at the Bear Moat (which is named so because there is literally a bear in the moat) for a castle tour.

There were no pictures allowed in the castle but it was quite possibly my favorite castle tour because much of the furnishings were the same ones that were left in the mid-1900s when the Schwarzenberg family fled from the Germans. Seeing the way that an important family would decorate their castle and what were the purposes of many of the objects was fascinating.

After the tour we had another three hours free in the city so we grabbed dinner and then went and laid in the grass near a stage for an hour and a half. While there, a boy who was probably just over a year old came over and played with us by handing us rocks and such. It was such a cute moment because we were from such different cultures and he didn’t even speak yet but we could still play with him.


We ended with a four hour bus ride to Vienna (where Jan was waiting, he had left us at Dívčí Kámen, RODE HIS BIKE TO VIENNA, and checked us into the hotel because he needed to be there at a certain time). The hotel was three to a room so Megan and I paired with a girl named Sarah. Pretty much once we got into the room and changed we were all out cold asleep.

See the pictures from today here.