On Friday Geiger took us on a field tour of Lidice, Terezín and Litoměřice.

Lidice was a erie town that was burnt to the ground by Nazis after they (wrongly) believed the assasins of Reinhard Heydrich to be in the town. Over 300 people died as a result, with all the men being shot and women put in concentration camps. Children were either put in a concentration camp or put with SS families if they were suitable for “germanization.” The Nazis used Lidice as an example for other cities.

It was so unsettling because the area is so beautiful and absent of civilization. It is terrible that there is so much beauty in the hills and open land where a town should stand.

After visiting Lidice, we went to the medieval town of Litoměřice to have a quick lunch. We also got to walk around the beautiful area and see some amazing views!

We then toured Terezín. It is a former military fortress that served many different purposes during its time: most notably a ghetto and concentration camp.

It was incredibly powerful.

I have never seen a concentration camp or been allowed to learn about the Holocaust in such a way. Among many things, I am beyond grateful that I live in a society where it is seen as important to preserve history in so many shapes and forms so that we can learn about and from the past.


See the pictures from today here.