Sorry my blog posts will be/are pretty sporadic. Not only is my free time limited now that I’m on the field tour but Wifi is also hard to find. Thus, I am writing my blog posts offline and will post them when I have enough time and internet to post these.

Anyways, Wednesday was pretty much like any day right before a major test. Jackie and I spent the day studying and finishing our essays. Oddly, we had both chosen the same topic from the list that our professor gave us: Mannerism and Rudolf II. While I found it hard to complete the essay due to lack of sources, I did find Rudolf II to be very interesting!

Today I also finished up my souvenir shopping. I think my family will like my gifts, but I know at least my dad reads this blog so I’ll blog about the gifts in my “I’m back home and grateful for free bathrooms and ketchup but otherwise very sad” post.

Also, my allergies got really bad today and it looks like I’ll spend my last days abroad with a stuffy nose and cough! What a great souvenir for myself!