It’s a jungle out here

Sunday morning USAC had a optional activity to go to the Prague Zoo! Originally, Alzbeta was going to do a scavenger hunt, but after we all got to the zoo we opted to just roam by ourselves (mainly because her scavenger hunt was too high risk: it involved the winners getting beer).

It was a kind of cold day, which was nice because it wasn’t too hot. Except it was raining off and on. We stayed at the zoo from eleven until two or three, roaming the paths and seeing the animals, making memes out of them. It really is a cool zoo, and I could see exactly why it is the fourth best zoo in the world!

The biggest shock was just how close you could get to all the animals! Europeans are a lot more trusting of their citizens than Americans (probably for a good reason).

We started at the bottom of the zoo and walked around before riding the funicular (which was a single person ski lift) to the top and worked our way downhill through the exhibits. We also stopped for lunch at the restaurant which had indian food! It was surprisingly tasty for zoo food!

While we were eating, it started to pour rain. So we speed-walked down the hill, with Emileigh and I trying not to spill our Kingswood Ciders while holding our umbrellas, and got on the bus to go home.

I spent the rest of the day napping and working on my blog before doing my homework for photography: egg pictures.

Then, the four roommates that were home went to get ice cream sandwiches for dinner.


Ice cream sandwiches for dinner? Wild.

See the pictures from today here.