In a desperate scramble to check the last things off our Prague Bucket List Emileigh, Megan and I set out in Friday.

First we hit up a store that sells some cheaper spray paint to go to the Lennon wall. On our way back to the metro from the shop we stopped to watch a film crew hoping that maybe we’d see Tom Felton just because he is in Prague and filming.

The movie filming ended up being Ophelia: the movie Tom Felton is in.

While we didn’t see him, we are fairly certain we saw Daisy Ridley. Nbd.

Our small fangirl moment passing, we headed to the wall to tag. There were quite a few tourists there taking pics but it was still manageable to find a spot to tag.

54722F44-D129-41B9-9DDF-D0840E7F076FI tagged the words “Could Should Would Did.” because I feel like that reflects how I came to study abroad. Right now I am in the “Did” and I like life a lot better here so I’m going to use my tag as a reminder of all the amazing things that can happen when you just do what you should/could/would do. No excuses.

Emileigh and I also tagged a quick “Fire Up” because had to give a shout out to Central at some point.



From there we went and walked around the Lesser Quarter and got lunch there. I went for Forrest fruit filled pancakes which were delicious but I also wish I had had the foresight to put my drink and food better (Kingswood and crepes was a bit odd).

The three of us then headed to Andel for a cider festival. It was right along the Vltava River and we paid 50 koronas to get in. There were a couple dozen vendors all with different types of cider and some food vendors (which was not included in the entrance fee but worth it nonetheless). My favorite cider was either the Strawberry-Lime that Megan got or my Ginger Pear Cider.

Our time at the festival was limited because Megan and I had to be back for a dinner at Pivovarskey Klub that was a sort of field tour orientation.

Later, after dinner, we had our last hurrah and a majority of the USAC students hit up Lucerna. While I didn’t drink nearly as much as last time (Saturday morning we had to meet at the bus at 8 am) it was still an amazing time and I didn’t want to leave.

See the pictures from today here.

3 AM: all in a day’s work

I somehow managed to wake up at 3:40 am on Saturday to experience and photograph the Charles Bridge at sunrise.

Frankly it is amazing I woke up considering how often I snooze my alarms.

Megan and I left our apartment at 4:10 because the sunrise was at 4:45 and it is a 30 minute walk there.

It was stunning, and totally worth getting up for. I’d do it again (maybe on a cloudy day for better photos).


Plus, we met this drunk guy that wanted me to take his picture:


I had made plans for the whole day and was going to spend the day in the Lesser Quarter, checking things off my bucket list. The hard part was how to occupy the hours between sunrise and when things opened. Czechs don’t eat breakfast, so almost nowhere was open. I had planned on this and we went to Kampa Park and the Hunger Wall. Kampa park was really pretty, but since we were there at six am, it was erie and almost abandoned. The Hunger Wall sits at the bottom of Petřín Hill and is the home of a set of statues that are a memorial to the victims of communism.

It didn’t take three hours to do these things though, so we also walked around the Lesser Quarter (we saw the Lennon Wall again) before eating breakfast at Bohemia Bagel. Lowkey, I led Megan to three other closed breakfast places before finding Bohemia Bagel… so I was off to a good start.

We then went to the Fürstenberg Gardens, which are part of the royal gardens. We spent just under an hour there walking around and admiring the view of the Lesser Quarter and looking at the flowers. We started at the top of the gardens and walked downhill, which was great at the end because we could exit without walking up the hill to Prague Castle again!

Then, we revisited the Wallenstein Palace Gardens and St. Nicolas Church (which I had seen on Thursday but wanted to go back and take pictures of). This time, at Wallenstein we got to tour the inside, which is where the Czech Senate meets!

After St. Nicolas we climbed the stairs of the Town Belfry.

And boy were there stairs.

I’m not quite sure exactly how many we climbed but we climbed high enough to get this view:


Worth it.

Next, we walked up Nerudova Street which is just a bunch of cute shops and restaurants. Near the top there is a vegan restaurant that I had been planning to eat at before Megan decided to come, but I didn’t want to drag a non-vegan/vegetarian to a vegan place. Luckily, Megan was a great sport and went anyway! At Vegan’s Fresh Food Prague I got a great taste of a traditional Czech dish that is usually made with meat: Svíčková.

It was Traditional Czech sauce made of marinated root vegetable with vegetable cream, with tempeh, cranberries, and home made dumplings and it was delicious!


At this point I was ready to go home and bail on my plans to go to Petřín Hill. Megan was still willing to go though, so we rode the tram over before taking the Funicular to the top. We then walked downhill a bit, got some great views and then were pretty much ready to get home and sleep (at this point we’d been awake for eleven hours). We just couldn’t manage to find the way out/down Petřín Hill (it is massive) but eventually ended up near the Beer Garden and the Funicular stop that’s about three-fourths of the way up the hill.


We got back to K17 at 3:30 where I laid down to nap until 7, when Miranda came over. We had made plans to go to Hany Banny (a pulp-fiction themed bar) right at 7 and I slept through my alarm so I got ready real quick and we left.

The bar was… interesting. But this was only because of a particularly rowdy and friendly group of twenty drunk German men in the middle of a bachelor party. While we were drinking we met quite a few of the men who came over and joined us. Miranda and I then went to Burrito Loco (the Germans ate her hamburger and I didn’t get food because I was afraid they’d eat mine to) which was amazing. The put a bunch of pickled vegetables on my burrito which at first was scary but it ended up being tasty! The margarita wasn’t bad either.

We weren’t out too late since we were meeting Alzbeta at Florenc at 10 am Sunday to go to the zoo, so Miranda and I got home around 11 by which point I was properly exhausted and went straight to bed.

See the pictures from today here.


End of Day 2 (May 23)


I started day two by treating myself and sleeping in! I think I’ve finally gotten past the jet-lag!

I do not have classes on Tuesdays so I spent the day exploring with a group of people from my apartment building. We hit up Charles Bridge and Lesser Quarter before heading back to Old Town Square.

I ate Racelette for lunch which is potatoes, pickles and cheese. Essentially my favorite things! I also had a Kingswood Apple Cider (with ice because it was so frickin’ hot) and so far that takes the cake for the best alcoholic drink I’ve had (although it doesn’t have much competition with the Greenpeace Martini which had green peas in it being on the list).

Geiger, a member of the USAC staff, took a group of us on a walk. I was only warned afterwards that Geiger’s walks are anything but leisurely and are exhausting. He did give us the option to take the tram home less than half-way through and I jumped on that offer really fast, but not before getting a video of this view:

The language barrier was a bit more of a problem today for me. The ladies at the ice-cream shop didn’t speak English, but I still made it out with the best Peach and Nectarine soft-serve I’ve ever had. I also am finding myself slipping into Spanish while I’m here; it’s like I’m wanting to speak Czech. I now know “thank you” so hey, at least that’s progress.

See the pictures from today here.