End of Day 2 (May 23)


I started day two by treating myself and sleeping in! I think I’ve finally gotten past the jet-lag!

I do not have classes on Tuesdays so I spent the day exploring with a group of people from my apartment building. We hit up Charles Bridge and Lesser Quarter before heading back to Old Town Square.

I ate Racelette for lunch which is potatoes, pickles and cheese. Essentially my favorite things! I also had a Kingswood Apple Cider (with ice because it was so frickin’ hot) and so far that takes the cake for the best alcoholic drink I’ve had (although it doesn’t have much competition with the Greenpeace Martini which had green peas in it being on the list).

Geiger, a member of the USAC staff, took a group of us on a walk. I was only warned afterwards that Geiger’s walks are anything but leisurely and are exhausting. He did give us the option to take the tram home less than half-way through and I jumped on that offer really fast, but not before getting a video of this view:

The language barrier was a bit more of a problem today for me. The ladies at the ice-cream shop didn’t speak English, but I still made it out with the best Peach and Nectarine soft-serve I’ve ever had. I also am finding myself slipping into Spanish while I’m here; it’s like I’m wanting to speak Czech. I now know “thank you” so hey, at least that’s progress.

See the pictures from today here.