Much(a) Love

The longer I spend here, the faster the time is flying by. Just today my dad told me I’d been gone eleven days but I’d been pretty certain I’d only been gone a week. It’s scary but it’s also motivating me to get out more.

So, naturally, as the days are flying by, my time between posts is becoming longer. I swear that yesterday I was caught up and then I find myself having to work to recollect exactly what I did do each day.

Sunday Emileigh and I visited the Mucha exhibit at the Gallery of Art Prague. It was a really nice exhibit and it was so interesting seeing how this artist struggled so much and then has made it so big now (especially since half the exhibit was postcards and biscuit ads). But hey, that’s every artist’s story, right?

After seeing that, we walked around Old Town for a while. Emileigh has been to Prague before for a semester long study abroad, so she showed me some of her favorite souvenir shops. Then we stumbled upon a street market where I fell in love with the most delicious looking box of berries:


At this point, it was half eaten and I had devoured the¬†cherries, raspberries and blackberries…

I find two (probably closely related) things interesting about the fruit here:

  1. The fruits are bigger and longer
  2. You don’t need to wash the fruit and people just buy these little tubs with the small forks and eat them

But I’m not complaining.

That evening we had a small K17 dinner where the girls from downstairs made pasta and we all sat crammed in their kitchen and ate.IMG_5606.JPG

You can’t see me in this picture, but I am there! Like I said, it was crammed.

See the pictures from today here.