And you took me to Prague and back

I’ve been back in the United States for a week.

That means I’ve been away from Prague for a week.

I’m lying to myself and saying that it’s nice to be home. Yes, I do love the ketchup bottles freely placed on the table and the fact that if I need to pee I can without paying a hundred koronas. I miss the Czech effeciency and the fact that no one speaks to you in the grocery store (but also you couldn’t understand them if they did).

I miss my time in Prague but it will forever be a part of who I am. Heck, I even feel like a whole new person. It was an indescribable experience that has only sparked my love for travel even more.

I have shared many aspects of Prague with my family: I brought them beer soaps and goulash spices and trdelnik mix and Czech garnet jewelry. I cracked open a Kingswood with my family and taught them na zdraví (“cheers”):


Real quick I’d like to thank my family for supporting my adventures, the Honor Program at Central Michigan University for encouraging studying abroad, Central Michigan University’s Office of Study Abroad for their support, USAC and their amazing and passionate staff in Prague and all my friends that I met who where an essential part of making my experience so extraordinary.

And while I may be saying Na shledanou to this blog, I will not being saying it to Prague. The city now holds a special place in my heart and has imprinted itself on who I am; I cannot wait to return.