Some people had a great idea when they worked on their term paper at chunks of time for a few days and managed to finish early.

Because it sucks to spend some of the last days in Prague sitting and working on a paper.

While it helps that Jackie is in the same situation as me and we were keeping each other company, I really wish I had done my paper earlier so I wouldn’t have to spend my last Tuesday working.

I ended up in a good spot though (its not due until Thursday so I could work on it Wednesday also) so it was nice to not have the entire paper weighing on me when we went strawberry picking.

It was a USAC organized event with 25 students. We took the metro and a bus to somewhere outside Prague and then walked to a strawberry farm. There, we were given a bag and about forty minutes to pick.

Of course, I had to sample each bush as I went to make sure I was picking the good berries!

I think I ate more than I put in the bag which made for a nasty side cramp when we were walking back to the bus.

Next, we took the bus to a church nearby and made jam and dumplings from the strawberries. First, I was put on the job of cutting the tops off the strawberries along with about ten others. When we were done it low key looked like a crime scene.

Also, the berries had spent a decent amount of time turning to mush in the hot bags as we walked so they were kind of gross.

Some people worked on making the dumplings while we did that. We then took our strawberries to be made into jam. It was something I had never done and I was not aware how much smashing/stirring was required.


Everything turned out to be really good in the end! All 25 of us sat around and ate dumplings while complaining how many there were (and while this was going on Geiger’s wife Lenka was still cooking and serving us more dumplings).

While we did end up taking several tupperwares full of various strawberry products home, I was totally strawberried-out… until the next morning.

See the pictures from today here.