In a desperate scramble to check the last things off our Prague Bucket List Emileigh, Megan and I set out in Friday.

First we hit up a store that sells some cheaper spray paint to go to the Lennon wall. On our way back to the metro from the shop we stopped to watch a film crew hoping that maybe we’d see Tom Felton just because he is in Prague and filming.

The movie filming ended up being Ophelia: the movie Tom Felton is in.

While we didn’t see him, we are fairly certain we saw Daisy Ridley. Nbd.

Our small fangirl moment passing, we headed to the wall to tag. There were quite a few tourists there taking pics but it was still manageable to find a spot to tag.

54722F44-D129-41B9-9DDF-D0840E7F076FI tagged the words “Could Should Would Did.” because I feel like that reflects how I came to study abroad. Right now I am in the “Did” and I like life a lot better here so I’m going to use my tag as a reminder of all the amazing things that can happen when you just do what you should/could/would do. No excuses.

Emileigh and I also tagged a quick “Fire Up” because had to give a shout out to Central at some point.



From there we went and walked around the Lesser Quarter and got lunch there. I went for Forrest fruit filled pancakes which were delicious but I also wish I had had the foresight to put my drink and food better (Kingswood and crepes was a bit odd).

The three of us then headed to Andel for a cider festival. It was right along the Vltava River and we paid 50 koronas to get in. There were a couple dozen vendors all with different types of cider and some food vendors (which was not included in the entrance fee but worth it nonetheless). My favorite cider was either the Strawberry-Lime that Megan got or my Ginger Pear Cider.

Our time at the festival was limited because Megan and I had to be back for a dinner at Pivovarskey Klub that was a sort of field tour orientation.

Later, after dinner, we had our last hurrah and a majority of the USAC students hit up Lucerna. While I didn’t drink nearly as much as last time (Saturday morning we had to meet at the bus at 8 am) it was still an amazing time and I didn’t want to leave.

See the pictures from today here.